Iwamoto's Photos

Painting with light.

Brandon Iwamoto is a freelance photographer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA

It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up the camera and shot something real. This is a sampling of stuff from a restaurant shoot for Asian Avenue Magazine, and you can tell I’m a bit rusty already.

A little update is in order, I suppose. After leaving my newspaper in New Mexico, I found employment almost immediately at a portrait studio. Nothing terribly creative, nor does it utilize my skills as a photographer anywhere near an appropriate level. But I can’t say I haven’t learned anything… about sales, about posing, about working with all different ages and peoples. It’s challenging in a whole new way and, while not permanent, offers me both money and a more well-rounded business experience than working at any newspaper could.

In the meantime I’m recovering from a situation that scarred my passion and drive for photography and this is food shoot the first step on the road to recovering what I once felt toward images.

Cheers my friends, and thanks for your patience and support while my photo blog fell into a temporary state of neglect. It may take a few months, it may take a couple of years, but I want desperately to find the passion that somewhere in New Mexico I lost.


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    YOU’RE MAKING ME HUNGRY ;_; also, despite being “rusty”, these are lovely photos. let’s shoot together again sometime...
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