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More Car Trouble

Well, it was bound to happen again, my car can’t go more than a couple of months without something crapping out, getting broken, getting stolen, etc etc. Went up to Denver for a quick photoshoot for Asian Avenue Magazine (IMO the photo was kinda boring, but considering the short notice and incredibly abstract/specific topic…. so I won’t post it here) and after lunch, I got back on the road to head home… only to discover I had a flat tire. And a big freaking nail right in it. After throwing on the spare and hobbling to Discount Tire, I spent 2 hours and $108 to get a replacement (since somehow it has busted clear through to the other side… not at all salvageable).

After that came a little Air Force basketball, where surprisingly they won (coming off an embarrassing loss to D-III local school UCCS the other day). I tried a few different things after the first half, none of which turned out spectacular. In fact, they didn’t at all, seeing as I was banking on the fact Air Force would spend more time in their offenseive zone than they actually did.

I attempted shooting down from the rafters with only one of the four strobes on, get some cool shadows of a defender jumping while someone shoots a 3-pointer over them. Other random things, mostly involving the single directional light. Although like I said, Air Force kinda quit playing as soon as I went up there (they ended up winning 87-72…. should have been more, they we’re owning for the entire first half of the second half).

Well, that’s all I have to report today, seeing as not much else got done while waiting for repairs. Thanks for reading and have a good night!


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Taken for a Ride

Ok so no these kids weren’t ACTUALLY taken for a ride, but given the fact I had to shoot photos of a politician, (Ken Buck, later in this post) I thought it was appropriate to mention how I felt about politicians… It’s all a bunch of bull and they’re just taking you for a ride.

But enough about that. The kids are what matters, right? Idiot me, made a total rookie mistake this morning and forgot my memory cards going to the first of the two landings at local elementary schools. I felt like a total idiot, but Bryan said that even he has done that before, so I guess maybe it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought… Still really bugged me that I forgot such a basic thing. Luckily there was the second one in the afternoon for me to cover.

So, after missing the first chance I had at the kids and helicopters (a UH-60 Blackhawk and a OH-58 Kiowa) I had to go and get shots of Ken Buck, a senate candidate here, as he spoke to some veterans. The dude is nuts, and everything about the event just reinforces why shooting political things makes me sick.

I swear this man has no idea what he’s talking about. China doesn’t have government run WHAT? Where have you been? And I swear if I hear anyone claim to be “grassroots” anything again, I will hurl.

Enough of that nonsense. So after a day of that, I got to head home… but after finishing dinner I walked out to see billowing black smoke not too far from where I was. So I called Stuart and headed out to a fire at this recycling facility, where I had some surprisingly good access (though apparently ended up right where Kevin was not long before me).

That’s all for tonight, it’s been a long day and kinda rough on me emotionally, so I think I’ll just relax for the evening. Thanks for reading and sorry I didn’t have much more interesting to show ya today.


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One of “Those” Days

Got done with the first day of shooting the state softball tournament in Aurora… Ups and downs, frustrations and surprises, on and off the field. It was kind of one of those days where everything… didn’t necessarily go wrong per se, but absolutely nothing went right, so the result was the same.

3 of the 4 teams I was sent to cover lost in their first games. The one that didn’t, Lewis Palmer, won both games and move on to tomorrow’s semi-finals and, if they win that game, finals rounds. I love shooting sports and all, but part of me is starting to get a little overwhelmed with them.

Forgot the actual cables for my Canon, which I was going to set up as a remote at some of the games, and had to resort to using the camera, attached to a fence with a Magic Arm, as a pseudo remote triggered by a cable release and aimed at home plate. Needless to say I didn’t anticipate any jumping, hence why her hand is cut off. However, I guess Stuart liked the shot, for he added it to the Gazette’s photo blog this evening, only my second shot to make it there.

So it wasn’t an unproductive day at all, but I definitely struggled more than I expected to… it was very frustrating. Maybe my standards are higher, or maybe I really did have trouble, but I’m hoping tomorrow goes much more smoothly, both shooting and transmitting (Starbucks wifi was soooo slow tonight).

Even my “remote” had trouble… after setting it, the thing apparently slipped a little, causing me to miss this great (and only) play at home base mere minutes after I had set the remote. Just one of those days.

Keeping it short tonight, not really in the greatest mood to talk work today. Happy one year anniversary shout-out to Danielle! Umm… yea, that’s about it. Goodnight and thanks for reading!


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Off Days

And I don’t mean from work… Some days are just better than others, creatively, when everything’s going your way, the light’s just right, your exposure’s dead on and everything falls into place

Today was not one of those days.

When you hear you’re shooting a bunch of Fort Carson soldiers carrying a 900-pound pumpkin at an elementary school, you’d think it’d be an easy winner, right? Not so much, people didn’t get positioned the way I had hoped, the light was awful and the pumpkin wasn’t the full 900 pounds (but still, 786 pounds was still formidable for the dozen or so soldiers). But still, again, you gotta do what you can to grab something worth printing, and the pressure was on for an A1 (front page) piece.

I gained some insight on religion in general (this example is Christianity, but how can you help that, living in the Springs?) during an assignment today. I noticed that all these different churches, Catholic, Protestant, everything, got together to march for a cause that, while noble, really didn’t do much in and of itself. It was essentially self promotion, because the march didn’t raise any money, all of that was done beforehand, and everyone seems to show up, go through the motions, and don’t actually listen to what the guy in the front of the group is saying.

Then they all march down the street, nobody actually bothering to see where they’re going, confident that whomever was leading them would take them where they needed to go eventually. It was… enlightening, in a metaphoric kind of way. The same way they got their kids to hold the signs and march for a cause they don’t understand, it mirrors how many of them were brought up believing in and defending a religion they don’t understand.

But like I said, I think its by and large the same with all religions. Meh, not really my place to judge I guess, and maybe my observations were way off, but it’s something I noticed while shooting and thought I might mention.

Anywhoo, that’s all for tonight. また明日!


Also, I’m submitting stuff to the Sports Shooter Monthly Clip Contest and these are the ones I’m thinking about submitting…. Anything my one or two faithful readers think I should do instead? They have to have been shot in September to be eligible. Flickr gallery of the submissions


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