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Painting with light.

Brandon Iwamoto is a freelance photographer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA


The headliner for tonight’s entry was supposed to be Colorado Avalanche forward Brandon Yip, but thanks to a hectic, misinformed morning he will have to wait to grace my little blog until Thursday at the earliest. Tonight, instead, is a shot of my girlfriend Danielle taken this afternoon after she came home from Virginia.

Attended the Colorado Press Association job fair at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel on Friday, meeting some good folks and getting some nice feedback on my portfolio. Still, nobody seems to be hiring. It’s a little disheartening, but we’ll just have to keep trying.

Part-time job interview tomorrow morning, followed by a photoshoot with Colorado Rapids’ Kosuke Kimura and Davey Armstrong. Thanks for reading!


Biting the Bullet

Decided it was worth it. I registered for Flash Bus 2011, and I’m not sure if it was a good idea, but dammit I can’t resist.

In other news, I’ve got a couple of fun things coming up. I’ll update tomorrow on one, because should it fall through I’d rather not get anyone talking about it. The other, however, is a fun little cover shoot for Asian Avenue Magazine of Colorado Avalanche forward Brandon Yip and Colorado Rapids players Kosuke Kimura and Davey Armstrong.

So, for now things are looking up. Colorado Press Association Job Fair tomorrow, then prep for the portrait shoots over the weekend. Thanks for reading.