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Brandon Iwamoto is a freelance photographer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA

Enter the Bearcat

Note: This entry was originally (accidentally) posted in my personal blog and was originally published last night.

This guy and this truck are absolute beasts. This brand new, 10-ton armored F-550 on steroids carries ten fully armed and armored SWAT officers wherever danger calls. And last week Thursday, danger called in the form of a man with an AK-47. With the suspect’s gun barrel pressed point blank against the driver’s side window, only an inch of bulletproof glass separated Deputy McCall and a magazine full of 7.62mm bullets. Oddly enough, the situation ended without a shot being fired and nobody killed.

The guy has never seen the armor tested before, he could only believe what the manufacturer says the armor plating can stop.

Oh the stories you hear.

Shots from a local high school play.

Farmington’s version of sakura (or so I like to think) signal the coming of Spring, hallelujah. Thought I’d end on a nice note, it’s been a bit of a rough night.

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