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Brandon Iwamoto is a freelance photographer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA

Heartbeat for Japan

Too tired to type much tonight, just thought I would post a few photos from tonight’s Heartbeat for Japan Taiko Benefit Concert. It was nice to get to see folks again before I leave for New Mexico, including from some time in Fort Collins last night and this morning (btw, in case I have readers who aren’t my Facebook friends, I got the job and am moving there Thursday).

Without further ado, photos!

That’s all for tonight folks. Thanks to Wendy, Irene, Jasmine and Justin for karaoke tonight, and for all the folks in Fort Collins I got to see this weekend (and those whom I didn’t).

Thanks for reading and for all the warm wishes of late! Until next time~


One Week Later

Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog is without a doubt one of the best photo blogs out there today, and their persistence in covering the crisis in Japan is unrivaled. Take a look, what a stark contrast between a disaster here and disasters elsewhere.


Unbelievable Satellite Photos

If anybody is having doubts about how bad the earthquake and tsunami were in Japan, check out these before and after satellite photos in this interactive New York Times feature. Simply unbelievable, I’m blown away.

Ok that’s enough for today. Gotta get stuff ready for my shoot tonight at the NCAA Tournament, BYU v. Wofford at the Pepsi Center. Until then!


James Nachtwey in Japan

James Nachtwey has seen more war than most soldiers. Destruction is nothing new to him. His photos from Japan are no exception to his billing as one of the best photographers today.

Thanks to Eric Bellamy for posting this on Facebook.

Continuing Coverage in Japan

More incredible photos from the cleanup and rescue efforts in Japan on the Boston Globe Big Picture blog. It’s incredible how much they can go through and not resort to petty looting and utter chaos like we saw during the Hurricane Katrina crisis.

In personal news, one of my friends in Japan finally got a hold of her parents, whom she hadn’t had any news about since the quake on Friday. Her father was apparently swept away in his car by the tsunami, but managed to climb out and swim to the second floor of a building.

It’s always nice to hear wonderful stories like that in the midst of so much tragedy.


This is the most incredible video footage I’ve ever seen in my life. In a matter of 6 minutes the water goes from trickling down the street to carrying away entire houses in Kesennuma (気仙沼市) in the Miyagi Prefecture.

What powerful, moving and frankly scary imagery. I strongly encourage watching, and in full screen mode.


Big Picture: Japan Aftermath

If you haven’t seen the photographs coming from Japan and the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami disasters there, it’s a horrific sight to behold. But I urge you to look. This is the power of photojournalism.

For those wondering, most of my friends and family in Japan are doing ok, one may have to evacuate Fukushima due to the nuclear crisis there, and some still can’t get in contact with their families.

My thoughts are with everybody affected by this disaster, this is far from over.

See more photos from the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog here