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Brandon Iwamoto is a freelance photographer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA

Those poor neighbors. The Farmington Police SWAT team staged a “raid” on a suspected “meth lab” during training exercises that involved the SWAT team, the Hazmat team and emergency personnel at the hospital.

The exercise began with a bang. Literally. They detonated a pair of flashbang grenades outside of the house before entering. It was quite the interesting experience, and from a vantage point that almost made me feel like I was in Iraq. Almost.

This is why I enjoy working with FPD and FFD: Access and professionalism.


A couple of shots from the San Juan County Fair parade on Friday evening.

What kind of parade lasts 15 minutes?

Unfortunate Timing

I realized today that all of these poor high schoolers I’ve been shooting graduations for get very little time to enjoy it before the end of the world. What sad, unfortunate timing, don’t you think?

And one last, slightly more random, not-so-exciting photo illustration for a story on statistics of police officers lost in the line of duty. I must say, the Farmington Police have been an absolute pleasure to work with in my time here, I’m very very impressed.

That’s all for tonight. If you haven’t already, check out my post with shots from the Denver Post freelance job! Thanks for reading~


Ethical Dilemmas

One of my assignments this afternoon, a charity softball match between the local police and fire departments, is a bit of an unusual case of feeling ethically dirty… not because of anything I did, not that I didn’t think the event was fun to cover, but it felt tainted by almost blatant conflict of interest, in my opinion, of coverage.

I’d prefer not to openly air all of my grievances here on this blog, however if you want to speak to me personally, I’d love to know if I’m riding a high horse here, or if it really is something to be concerned about in some way.

The event itself was fairly interesting to cover. Along with the fire and police departments, they had Special Olympic athletes play a couple of innings as well. Needless to say, good times to be had.

In case you’re wondering why the police (who won 22-3) in the first picture are holding a Dunkin’ Donuts box, and why this fella here is rounding third base with a chocolate donut in hand….

It was the result of a rather hilarious prank played by the fire fighters (sadly, their only “victory” of the day) where they ran a box of donuts to each of the bases and home plate in an attempt to bait them. All it did was make the police want to be on base more, hence the 22-3 score.

Quick shot from the bike race this morning. Had my secondary camera (this one) on the ground with a rock taped to the bottom and a cable release in my left hand while I shot basic, safe stuff with a telephoto on my other camera.

And a random picture of a horse from after the bike race assignment. Some dude on a horse came up and started talking with myself and Jenny, a reporter who happened to be at the race watching, and her boyfriend. I wasn’t about to complain.


Enter the Bearcat

Note: This entry was originally (accidentally) posted in my personal blog and was originally published last night.

This guy and this truck are absolute beasts. This brand new, 10-ton armored F-550 on steroids carries ten fully armed and armored SWAT officers wherever danger calls. And last week Thursday, danger called in the form of a man with an AK-47. With the suspect’s gun barrel pressed point blank against the driver’s side window, only an inch of bulletproof glass separated Deputy McCall and a magazine full of 7.62mm bullets. Oddly enough, the situation ended without a shot being fired and nobody killed.

The guy has never seen the armor tested before, he could only believe what the manufacturer says the armor plating can stop.

Oh the stories you hear.

Shots from a local high school play.

Farmington’s version of sakura (or so I like to think) signal the coming of Spring, hallelujah. Thought I’d end on a nice note, it’s been a bit of a rough night.

Thanks for looking!


Nothing Like Gunshots

Well, nothing like gunshots at 1am to get your blood moving. Yea, I was crawling into bed for the night when I heard 5-6 gunshots, no more than half a mile outside my apartment. Turned on the scanner (hooray for smart phones) to discover that a witness or suspect or something that fled the scene… and crashed right outside of my apartment complex, pretty much.

Well, I did what any good journalist would. I got dressed and headed out with my camera. Sadly there wasn’t much to shoot, nothing really worth getting the tensions of the already on edge cops any higher anyways.

Add to the fact how close it was and the fact that I discovered they still had no idea who the suspect was, that they suspected him of climbing fences and is on the loose… Yea, I decided to head indoors again.

Keeping my ear to the scanner for the moment, tho it’s sounding like the situation… well disappeared, haven’t heard about it at all lately. Could have been something in those scrambled calls, and I would never know. I’ll have to ask Mark or someone how they deal with those kinds of situations themselves, balancing safety and coverage to “what’s worth it.”

Goodnight all.


Long Day, Short Post

Today was a long day out feature hunting, doing a brief portrait and chasing down spot news in the form of an apartment shooting. I’m gonna keep tonight’s post brief, it’s been a long day and I just want to go to bed, haha. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Lots of folks from Texas, all completely independent of each other, visiting the same park at the same time. Ran into two diff groups from Dallas, one from Austin, one from Amarillo… it was like a Texan magnet. Weird.

This lady has been shooting photos for 3 years, doing mostly wildlife, and landed herself the cover of a wildlife magazine via a contest and a few weeks of following around the first snowy owl sighted in El Paso county since the 1930s. Would you believe that this portrait was actually shot with two lights? One Speedlite outside the door acting like window light and a fill from the left side.

Just another day listening to the scanner. Actually not really, more like another day where the scanner picks something up as I’m walking out the door to head home. Ahh well, what can ya do?

That’s all tonight… I apologize for making it seem like I’ve been really lazy with my blog lately, things will certainly (hopefully) pick up once I’ve started the Peak Performer stuff. Thanks for reading and have a great night!


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