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Brandon Iwamoto is a freelance photographer based in Aurora, Colorado, USA

Tim Tadder and Photoshop

I don’t remember if I’ve posted about Tim Tadder before, but he’s a fellow former Colorado Springs Gazette intern and an all around incredible commercial photographer who has really made a name for himself with his innovative lighting and post-production techniques. Here’s a little behind the scenes video of him working with Adobe Photoshop CS5 demonstrating how he does what he does.

Freezing Cold

For those of you who complained about how cold it was today: try standing in the snow halfway up Pikes Peak with your fingers numb and the wind a steady 20mph. Or in an alleyway (read: wind tunnel) at twilight trying to fumble around with three flashes and an ice-cold metal camera.

The Pikes Peak shoot was for a feature, which didn’t end up turning out well because nobody bothered going that far up and not being able to reach the peak. The alleyway, however, was fantastic.

The portrait, above, was for a reporter here at the Gazette who is releasing a book (“Lethal Warriors”) in a couple weeks whose newspaper story form was a Pulitzer runner up not too long ago. Dave Philipps was a great guy to work with, with a bit of a photographic background so he was able to actually help me set up and break down for the shoot, saving us both raw, numb knuckles and too much discomfort.

It was a bit of a happy mistake that the single florescent light in the back turned an interesting green and worked very well with the amber-azure colors I had going between the Dave and the fading twilight. The panning was a bit of an impromptu decision, as well. All in all I was happy to have something worth posting to the blog to bring home with me today.

Mark and I were talking today about websites and how he’s finally making one (I’ll link you guys to it once it’s live, you’ll love his stuff, the guy is a genius) and he mentioned something about a former intern’s website… and lo and behold, another one of my favorite photographers ever was once an intern here at the Gazette. Ever heard of Tim Tadder? If you haven’t, click that link and check out his work, he is also a genius, taking his personal style and, according to Mark, recently earned something in the order of $3 million in a year. What? Uhhh, that’s insane. The man was turning down $20,000 assignments because he was afraid he would screw himself down the line by taking a low ball offer. Yea, that’s just unbelievable.

In case you didn’t know, the other favorite photographer that interned at the Gazette (though only for a brief time) is Chip Litherland. I’ve got a long way to go to catch up.

That’s all for tonight, have a good night and thanks for reading!


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